Privacy Policy

Quality buy reserves all the right over this Privacy Policy which is developed to guide our customers to understand what we do? and How we do?. like collecting data, using it, and disclosing any information that we might have stored for collected as a mode from our website, Affiliates forwards, or mobile online services.

Our Privacy Policy only covers the information that is collected about you as a part of your use of the services while buying through or navigating through our website to the main Discount Offering source. We do not collect any data pertaining to your purchases or your online dealings while purchasing through our affiliated links. 

Your data information: 

As we have no customer database or login facility, We do not collect any information that you even choose to provide us like your name, e-mail address, phone number, gender, zip code, country, postal address, user name, password, and reminder questions and answers for your passwords if you ever forgot.

Actions while being automated through our web search:

Upon your accessing of our services, the automated system enables you to, automatically send data such as cookies, web beacons, and other techs.

How do we use this information?

Use of your information?

As such we have no facility for email marketing and in the future if there might be we will use the data for email promotions, responding to queries, and information for any updates only. None of your data is either floated or disclosed.

Cookies for faster our website response to Customers:

Mainly cookies are used to gather data of your specific interest in any products and then turn back to you as suggestions for the best available products and services for buying or selling to your first available window. The browser is self intuitive to support the user date interface to provide the best recommendations that a customer may seek the best internet. Mainly, it determines an individual experience and preferences.

End-User Agreement: 

As a customer and end-user, you are always asked for your kind acceptance to allow the site to provide access through your cookies to give you the best experience. Please feel free to opt-out of cookies may turn out to be one of your concerns. Quality Buy will not be responsible for any data breaches or web threats occurring from the web or affiliate sites. For further improvement of our privacy policy please contact us on contact!